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One Off: Venice DIY LDR Patch

One Off: Venice DIY LDR Patch

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Catch a wave and dive into the spirit of Lana Del Rey’s NFR! era with this exclusive Venice DIY Patch!

This handmade patch is more than an accessory—it’s a piece of art, crafted with passion and a nod to the practice and dedication behind perfecting a craft. Each patch has the dimensions of approximately 3.8” x 4”.

Adaptable and versatile, the Venice DIY Patch invites you to make a statement on your terms. Sew it onto your jacket, bag, or jeans, and let each stitch connect you to the world of Lana Del Rey, where every piece tells a story, and the DIY charm reflects the authenticity and individuality of its wearer. Embrace the imperfections and the beauty they bring, making your Venice DIY Patch a proud emblem of your love of Lana’s artistic universe.

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