Welcome to Underdog Trading Co.

I'm Lukas, the creative force, and, well, the only force (other than Lana Del Rey's magic) behind this eclectic shop. Welcome, and thank you for stopping by! Here, you'll discover an assortment of original designs and handmade items, all meticulously crafted with a sharp eye for detail.


My journey began in 2020 as "Out of the Box" on Etsy, and today, I proudly stand as Underdog Trading Co. My story took a remarkable turn when I crafted the very first Lana Del Rey replica rosary, a creation that gained fame and sparked a TikTok sensation.


While my name has changed, I'm committed to delivering top-quality goods and constantly finding ways to make them even better. If you're curious to get a closer look at my journey, you can read more here. Thank you for being a part of this creative adventure!