The Story of the Underdog

This is the story of the underdog, someone often left as the last choice, who knows the bitterness of defeat and the solitude of the struggle. It’s the tale of a person who continually stood tall, defying life’s toughest challenges, no matter how many times it tried to knock them down – And this story is far from complete – every day, I keep writing, a narrative of resilience and hope, even though hope is a dangerous thing for a person like me to have, I have it..

The Underdog Emerges

I launched my Etsy shop out of sheer necessity. After emerging from a three-year, codependent relationship and being thrust into lockdown due to the relentless grip of the coronavirus, I found myself searching for a lifeline, and that’s when the idea of my shop came to life.

The Golden Idea

In the beginning, success remained elusive, but I persisted in my creative pursuits, for it was my only path. Then, after a year of unwavering dedication, I struck gold with a creation that would soon take social media by storm – a replica of Lana Del Rey’s highly coveted golden heart rosary necklace. But, as the old saying wisely states, ‘All that glitters is not gold,’ I was soon to learn the truth of those words.

Things started out promising, but it didn’t take long for the situation to spiral out of control. Driven by a desire to not disappoint anyone, I began taking preorders for the Lana Del Rey heart necklace. The response was overwhelming, and I soon found myself inundated with orders. In fact, Etsy put my shop on vacation mode due to the high demand. To keep serving my customers, I had to quickly set up a Shopify shop.

As the demand continued to grow, I was already on my 3rd iteration of the rosary design. Guided by the belief one should never stop improving, I realized that creating authentic golden replicas, instead of 3D printed replicas, would be the next logical step and a preferred choice for my customers. It was in this pursuit of excellence that I sought out a reputable jeweler to help create and enhance the quality of my replicas. However, the complexity of the design introduced unexpected challenges. Gold plating became an issue due to the necklace’s hollow interior. Leveraging my background in hardware and home improvement, I ingeniously arrived at a solution – wrapping the spoon with plumber’s tape to prevent the water from the plating process from seeping into the heart. Interestingly, when I initially suggested this unconventional solution, the jewelers were skeptical, but I persisted, and after a couple of weeks of their failed attempts, I finally convinced them to try the plumber’s tape, which turned out to be the key to our success.

I was also committed to staying true to Lana’s original design, which included the necklace doubling as a rosary. Despite my jeweler’s advice to use a standard chain, I insisted on delivering the utmost quality to my customers. This decision led me on a quest to find a factory capable of producing a non-standard rosary chain, which not only added more time to the process but also raised costs.

Meanwhile, my replica Lana Del Rey heart necklace had taken social media, particularly TikTok, by storm. This attracted the attention of more experienced businessmen seeking to capitalize on the trend I inadvertently started. Regrettably, I hadn’t been active on social media, a decision I now wish I could change. While I was meticulously perfecting my product for the patient customers who had been waiting, others opted for shortcuts, creating their replicas much faster and cheaper, but at the cost of quality.

Refund requests began flooding in as customers who couldn’t wait for my high-quality product sought quicker alternatives. Etsy’s automatic refund process began depleting my bank account just when I needed those funds to cover the manufacturing costs of the necklaces.

The Art of Resilience

From the very start of my journey, Lana Del Rey's music was more than a soundtrack; it was a lifeline. After a challenging breakup, her songs became an unexpected source of solace. It was peculiar because her music often evokes melancholy, yet she was the only artist who could soothe my soul during that trying time. In those early days, I found myself listening to Lana exclusively. Her music accompanied me while I navigated the trials of heartbreak, launched my Etsy shop, and dedicated countless hours to crafting my  3D printed replicas. Lana's melodies were a constant companion, offering solace through heartache and inspiration during the creative process.

This unique bond with Lana’s art was the foundation upon which my shop’s story was built. Lana’s music was not merely an influence but an integral part of my journey. Drawn by the unexpected healing power of Lana’s lyrics and motivated by a growing customer base who shared my fascination for her, I naturally and organically shifted my focus towards more and more Lana-inspired creations.

To me, this was a full circle moment, as Lana’s music had been a continuous and influential part of my journey, from the difficult days of heartbreak to the creation of Lana-inspired art. It’s a reminder that life’s path can be winding, bumpy, and unpredictable, but sometimes, it leads to beautiful destinations. As an underdog who found strength in the unlikeliest of places, I’m here to continue the narrative of resilience and hope, proving that even the most unexpected journeys can lead to golden moments.


Thank you for taking the time to read my story. Your support and interest mean the world to me. If you’ve ever been an underdog, faced challenges, or found solace in music, I hope my journey has resonated with you. Together, we’ll continue writing stories of creativity, resilience and hope. Thank you for being a part of this journey.

With Love, Lukas Robert