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The High Priestess LDR Stargirl Tarot Card

The High Priestess LDR Stargirl Tarot Card

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Any tarot novice can tell you that the High Priestess is a card of mystery, knowledge and divine femininity. This card suggests that it is time to retreat and reflect upon a situation and trust your inner instincts to guide you through it.

Could there be a better tarot card to describe our divine, wise, and mysterious priestess, Lana Del Rey?

Our rendition of the High Priestess card depicts LDR in her natural state- well..getting high! The qualities of smoking the ganj are perfect to reflect and retreat on the past and even the future and the things to come!

The imagery on this card transports us right back to the Born to Die era- more specifically, the music video in which we drew heavy inspiration from when designing this card, all while keeping the traditional Rider-Waite style.

You can interpret this card however you wish, but to us, this card usually suggests an invitation from the high priestess herself, singing let’s go get high.

This High Priestess card is the same size as most common tarot cards, measuring 70 mm x 120 mm, and features full color imprint on both sides with premium casino quality card stock with a linen finish. The backside is inspired by the backs of vintage playing cards and features the same serpent design from our Replica Rosary.

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