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Silver LDR Flip Top Windproof Lighter

Silver LDR Flip Top Windproof Lighter

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Introducing our LDR-inspired replica silver ice chrome windproof lighter! This dapper Zippo-style lighter pays homage to Lana’s iconic gold windproof lighter. Its brilliant silver chrome shell exudes Lana’s classic vibes, while the mirrored surface mirrors your own style. Flip open the top with a flick of your thumb for easy flame access, then just as quickly extinguish the fire when you're done.

The lighters are available with or without an optional anti-scratch coating. Opting out of the coating allows the lighter to gain character through scratches over time. Some appreciate the scratches as personalized marks, while others may prefer a pristine appearance. Choose the option that suits your style and embrace the unique journey your lighter takes with you. 

Please note, that due to shipping restrictions, lighter fluid is not included. 

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