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Palo Santo Sticks in Glass Jar

Palo Santo Sticks in Glass Jar

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Palo santo, also known as "Holy Wood", is a form of sacred wood that is only found in the wild rainforests of South America. Palo santo, known for its healing properties, can be used to cleanse or purify a space, and to promote spiritual and emotional well-being.

The stylish thick-walled glass jar helps preserve the wood's natural oils to ensure the pleasant musky scent is always fresh. Pop off the lid for a natural air freshener in any living space.

The various sized sticks allow you to choose a size based on how much you plan on burning. The amount of Palo Santo in each jar will vary, due to various sizes of sticks, but the will be packed full. 

Jar measures ~4” tall and 2.25” in diameter

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