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Lizzy Grant Inspired Midas Patch Sticker

Lizzy Grant Inspired Midas Patch Sticker

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Introducing the Lizzy Grant Inspired Midas Patch Sticker, featuring an entirely custom design inspired by the iconic Lizzy Grant Midas jacket.

This sticker proudly displays the name "Lizzy" in a custom crafted parody logo of the original Midas logo. The finish is glossy, and resembles an embroidered patch.

With dimensions of 3" x 1.7", it's the perfect size to add a personal touch to your belongings. Long live the spirit of Lizzy Grant's iconic style with this sticker that pays homage to her iconic Midas jacket.

Please note that the stickers resemble embroidered patches and may appear 3D in images. However, they are actually flat stickers designed to create a realistic 3D effect.

Free shipping on stickers within the US, if ordered alone. No tracking will be provided.

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