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Lana Del Rey Cig Lipstick

Lana Del Rey Cig Lipstick

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Add a little rebellion to your makeup routine and rock the Lana Look with one of these sizzlin' Cig Lipstick sets! Each set includes a custom-crafted LDR-inspired collector's box styled after the classic Marlboro Reds, plus four different palettes to choose from based on the different facets of Miss Del Rey’s personas- from Lanita to Lolita to Lizzy and Carmen! 


Passion Plum: A deep and passionate plum shade, exuding elegance and allure.
Raspberry Romance: A romantic raspberry pink hue, captivating hearts with its charming vibrancy.
Dusky Rose: A muted and sophisticated dusky rose color, evoking a sense of mystery and grace.
Velvet Wine: A velvety wine shade, reminiscent of luxurious evenings and indulgence.


Flaming Scarlet: A fiery scarlet red, radiating confidence and power.
Cherry Blossom: A soft and delicate light pink shade, embodying the beauty of blooming cherry blossoms.
Blushing Rose: A rosy hue with a touch of blush, adding a romantic and tender charm.
Sweet Coral: A vibrant and playful coral shade, bringing a lively and cheerful energy to your look.


Caramel Nude: A warm and inviting nude shade with caramel undertones, enhancing natural beauty with a touch of elegance.
Dusty Mauve: A muted and sophisticated mauve color, exuding a subtle and refined allure.
Rosewood Blush: A gentle rosewood shade with a hint of blush, capturing the delicate grace of a blooming rose.
Burgundy Bouquet: A deep and rich burgundy, evoking the depth and allure of a captivating bouquet.


Spiced Pumpkin: A warm and spicy orange shade, reflecting boldness and vibrancy with a hint of exotic flair.
Berry Bliss: A luscious and deep berry hue, reminiscent of ripe and juicy berries, adding a touch of sensuality.
Sultry Scarlet: A seductive and intense scarlet shade, radiating confidence, allure, and a hint of mystery.
Spicy Cherry: A vibrant and fiery crimson color, embodying strength, passion, and a captivating presence.

Creating the Cigarette Lipsticks

Hold onto your hats, folks, because this is a story you won't believe. It all started when a customer dropped a bombshell on me: "Can you make cigarette lipstick?"  continue reading

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