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Lana Cult (updated) LDR Christmas Ornament

Lana Cult (updated) LDR Christmas Ornament

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Do you want to be part of the Lana Cult, the group of TikTokers who idolize Lana and want her to conquer social media? Then this ornament is for you!

This ornament is a tribute to the Lana Cult, featuring the viral image of Lana saluting in front of the American flag. This image is used by thousands of Lana fans as their profile picture on TikTok and other social medias, and it symbolizes their respect and loyalty for LAna Del Rey  

This ornament is handcrafted from ceramic and comes gift ready in a matte black gift box. It is a perfect way to add some flair and personality to your tree, and to express your love for Lana Del Rey and her music. Whether you are a member of the Lana Cult or just a casual listener, this ornament will make your holiday season more festive and fun!

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