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Gold Engraved LDR Flip Top Lighter Replica

Gold Engraved LDR Flip Top Lighter Replica

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This engraved LDR flip top lighter is our latest take on the iconic LDR flip-top lighter!

Boasting a polished gold finish and a highly requested engraved design, this replica LDR flip-top lighter is a must for any Lana Del Rey fan and collector! 

Each lighter arrives in a protective tin box- great for gifting, storing, and displaying your lighter! While this lighter is great for both display and play, lighter fluid is not included due to shipping restrictions. But any lighter fluid will do the trick! (Even charcoal lighter fluid!) However, we prefer Zippo brand because we find that it burns the cleanest. 

Protecting the integrity and collectibility of authentic merchandise is always our top priority when we create replicas. That’s why on the flip side of this lighter you’ll find our signature hallmark 58 stylistically engraved in the same font style as the LDR on the front. It’s discreet, decorative, and protects the integrity of the authentic lighter, what’s not to love?!

How to Fill Your New Lighter 

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