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18-Karat Gold Rosary Vape Holder

18-Karat Gold Rosary Vape Holder

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Introducing the Lana Del Rey Vape Holder Rosary, the ultimate accessory for vape enthusiasts with a touch of style. With this unique creation, you'll no longer have to rely on others to pass you your vape.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the handmade rosary chain closely resembles Lana Del Rey's original rosary design, even more so than our original rosary chain. Originally intended as an "upgrade" option for our rosaries, this version adds a modern twist—a black rubber silicone ring that securely holds your vape. The ring is designed to accommodate vapes ranging in size from 13mm to 24mm (.5in to .94in) ensuring compatibility with various devices.

Combining fashion and functionality, the LDR Vape Holder Rosary is a stylish and convenient accessory that allows you to keep your vape close to your heart.



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