Behind the Cards

Dive into the lore, legends, and the melodies that inspired each card!

The Lovers

The Lovers card is a vivid embodiment of Lana Del Rey’s art and personal life, drawing from the rich visual tapestry of her “Tropico” short film and her profound connection with Barrie James O’Neil. Within this card, the ethereal imagery of “Tropico” and the deep, soul-level bond Lana shares with Barrie intertwine, offering a unique portrayal of love’s duality.

From the outset, “Tropico” sets the stage with its portrayal of innocence, redemption, and the transformative power of love—themes that resonate deeply with The Lovers card. This backdrop of divine and earthly love provides a perfect canvas to introduce Barrie James, Lana’s “real twin.” Her own words paint a picture of a relationship that transcends the typical, highlighting a connection so profound that it echoes the spiritual journey depicted in “Tropico.”

Lana describes their relationship as being marked by uncanny coincidences and a psychic connection that set it apart, making it clear that Barrie was more than just an ex; he was a soulmate who played a pivotal role in her “big, karmic picture of life.” This narrative doesn’t just tell a story of romantic love but delves into the essence of finding someone who mirrors your soul, enhancing the mystical aura of The Lovers card.