Behind the Cards

Dive into the lore, legends, and the melodies that inspired each card!

The Emperor

Rob Grant, Lana Del Rey’s father, has not only been a steadfast presence in her journey but has also carved out his own space in the public eye with ventures including a musical collaboration with Lana. His participation in a Netflix series offers a unique glimpse into his world, especially his innovative spirit and passion for sailing. 

This Netflix appearance spotlights Rob’s adventurous spirit and his foray into the competitive sailing world. It serves as a prelude to one of his most notable ventures during the 1977 America’s Cup yacht race in Newport, RI. Here, Rob’s fleet of sailboats became floating billboards for King William Scotch, turning the sails into innovative advertisements. This creative marketing not only garnered global attention but was also featured in over 150 publications, including Newsweek, showcasing Rob’s unique blend of passion and entrepreneurship.

Behind The Emperor card lies Rob Grant’s essence of leadership, creativity, and the indomitable spirit of adventure. His story, from captivating Netflix audiences to revolutionizing sailboat advertising, encapsulates the qualities of The Emperor: authority, innovation, and the courage to chart new territories.