Behind the Cards

Dive into the lore, legends, and the melodies that inspired each card!

The Cult Leader (The Hierophant)

The Cult Leader card is profoundly enriched by Lana Del Rey’s personal journey, particularly her experiences with an underground sect. Her own words, “I used to be a member of an underground sect which was reigned by a guru…But then I found out that this guru wasn’t a good but a bad person,” underscore the complexities of allure and disillusionment within such charismatic circles.

Complementing this narrative is Lana’s unreleased song “Cult Leader,” where she paints a vivid picture of being led by a figure named Jim, a “fire-eater” and “cult leader” with an intoxicating belief in the ethos of the ‘70s. Through haunting lyrics, Lana explores the seductive pull of a figure who commands belief and obedience, mirroring her real-life sect experience. The song’s portrayal of being paraded “around like his fucking daughter” and the call to “lay down” reflect the dynamics of power and submission, highlighting the intricate dance between control and the longing for connection.

This card, The Cult Leader, encapsulates the journey from being under the spell of such powerful influence to recognizing the shadow it casts. It’s a reflection on the allure of charismatic figures, both in Lana’s personal history and in the broader narrative of her song “Cult Leader,” inviting a deeper contemplation on the nature of leadership and the courage to seek freedom from its grasp.