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Studded Matte Cherry Tumbler | Stargirl Coffee Co. | LDR Inspired

Studded Matte Cherry Tumbler | Stargirl Coffee Co. | LDR Inspired

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Dive into a refreshing experience with our latest creation - a testament to innovation, style, and tribute to Lana Del Rey encapsulated in the unique Stargirl Coffee Co. design. This isn't just a tumbler; it's a piece of art, a sensory journey, and a nod to fans who appreciate a deeper connection to their daily rituals.

  • Exclusive Stargirl Coffee Co. Design: Features an ingenious twist, blending Lana Del Rey, affectionately known as Stargirl, with everyone's favorite coffeehouse siren. This design unites the beloved with the iconic, transforming the familiar into an Underdog Trading Co. exclusive collectible.
  • Matte Cherry Red Finish: This tumbler is expertly crafted from semi-translucent matte cherry red acrylic, adorned by hand with a white decal featuring our exclusive Stargirl Coffee Co. design. The vibrant hue and fingerprint-resistant surface ensure your tumbler remains visually stunning, blending functionality with standout style.
  • Quality Craftsmanship: A year in the making, with several prototypes and design revisions leading to perfection. Produced in the same factory renowned for Starbucks tumblers, we promise unmatched quality and durability.
  • Sensory Texture: Beyond its visual appeal, the spiky texture is perfect for those who love a tactile experience. Perfect for those who appreciate a sensory touch, it doubles as a fidget item, offering comfort and a unique grip as you enjoy your favorite cold beverages.
  • Practical Details: Holds 24 fluid ounces and comes with a straw and lid for your convenience. Designed for cold beverages and hand wash only to maintain its unique beauty.

Stargirl Coffee Co. may be a playful concept, but the quality and design of these tumblers are as real as it gets. Whether you're a fan of the inspiration behind the brand or simply in search of a tumbler that breaks the mold, our Matte Cherry Red Spiked Tumbler is the perfect companion for your coffee journey.

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