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Saint Lana Vintage Engraved Style Prayer LED Candle

Saint Lana Vintage Engraved Style Prayer LED Candle

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While there’s nothing wrong with contemplating God, one thing is for sure, when we’re down on our knees, Lana Del Rey is how we pray! If Lana Del Rey is your religion, too, this Saint Lana Del Rey inspired vigil votive is a must! 

This isn’t just any ordinary prayer candle! What makes our prayer candles unique is that unlike other candles in the wind, ours will be glowing white-hot forever, thanks to the multi-colored puck. That means that this candle is completely safe and fireproof, making it one of the most divine ways to bless any Lana Del Rey disciple in your life. 

The LED candles feature a frosted matte finish, while the traditional candles come with clear glass.

The multi-colored LED light comes with an infrared remote.

Measures approximately 2” x 8”

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