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LDR Replica Gold Flip Top Lighter

LDR Replica Gold Flip Top Lighter

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By popular demand, we now offer an engraved version of this hot lighter!

This coveted LDR collectible (replica) can now be yours for a fraction of what you would pay for the original! Already own an original lighter? Pick up one of these replicas to enjoy your LDR lighter guilt-free and never worry about harming your original piece!

A- Quality: minimal to no surface scuffs or scratches (scuffs will only be around edges)

B Quality: minimal to some surface scuffs or scratches

C Quality: moderate surface scuffs or scratches 

All example photos were taken to highlight the extremes of surface blemishes that one can expect. In most cases, imperfections will not be as significant as pictured, especially under normal lighting conditions.

Flip-top lighters are not sold with lighter fluid. You can find it almost anywhere, typically for around $5, and sometimes even cheaper.

Includes tin lighter case for storage and display. Measures 1.44” x 2.25”

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