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Red Velvet Box

Red Velvet Box

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In an effort to create the most accurate and authentic necklace possible, we found the exact same boxes that the official rosary necklaces were originally sold in. 

This beautiful box is perfect for displaying your cherished piece or for presenting it to friends and family as a gift. No detail has been overlooked! 

It features a soft red velvet exterior and black interior with a custom-made hand crafted insert that perfectly cradles our rosary replica heart pendant. The authentic box has a comparable insert. Its purpose is to make the pendant sit flat and parallel to the black velvet surface- making it excellent for displaying the pendant.

All of our 18K Gold Rosary Replicas currently arrive in this same red velvet box, with the exception of the custom-made insert, which is not included but may be purchased separately. If you want an extra box, or you purchased one of our older rosaries or a rosary in a different finish other than the 18K gold, this is ideal for you! 

Measures 3 inches x 2 inches.

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