Behind the Cards

Dive into the lore, legends, and the melodies that inspired each card!

The Empress

The Empress card, symbolizing nurturing and creation, resonates deeply with Lana Del Rey’s “Cherry Blossom.” This tender song, with its motherly undertones, beautifully aligns with The Empress’s themes of care, growth, and the cycles of life. Although “Cherry Blossom” was only released to the public recently, it holds a special place in Lana’s discography, recorded back in 2013 during a period rich with personal and artistic development.

“Cherry Blossom” captures the essence of ephemeral beauty and the nurturing spirit of The Empress. Its delicate lyrics and melody evoke a sense of protective love and the natural, albeit sometimes fleeting, cycles of existence. This connection to The Empress card invites us to explore the depth of care and the complex interplay of life’s beginnings and endings, mirrored in the transient beauty of cherry blossoms.