Rosary FAQ

Are your rosary necklaces official authentic merchandise?

No. Our rosary necklaces are fan-made replicas.


Are there any differences between the official merchandise rosary and yours?

No. (Well, basically…*)


Do you ship internationally?

Yes. We happily ship worldwide using USPS First Class Mail.


Is there a spoon?

Yes. There is a spoon that is connected to the necklace that securely screws into the heart pendant, which houses it. 


What metal are your rosaries made out of?

The rosaries are cast in brass and then plated with stunning 18K gold.


Will the rosary turn my skin green?

No. It is typically copper plated jewelry that turns skin green. 


Do your necklaces come with a box?

Yes. Our necklaces are presented in a stunning red** velvet jewelry box. Similar to the one that the official merchandise rosary was packaged in. 


How long are the necklaces?

The chain length of our necklaces measure 19 inches (48.26 cm). Additionally, the length of the chain that holds the heart pendant measures approximately 3 inches. 


Why can’t I remove the spoon?

We noticed that some of the hearts were coming loose and separating during shipping, so the jeweler tightened the spoons to avoid that. It’s likely that they over tightened yours, here’s how you can open it. Reach out if you need further help! 


I have a different question.

Feel free to send us a chat here on our website or on our Instagram page @outofthebox.58.


*On the face, our necklaces are nearly identical to the authentic necklace. Our necklaces are truly inspired by the official merchandise. To our advantage, we were able to study and reference an authentic necklace while creating our 3D model. That means we are able to offer precise dimensions and detailing of the official authentic necklace. 
Depending on which necklace you receive, the snake on your necklace might vary slightly from the authentic necklace, but simply in style. We used two different models while making our necklaces. Our earliest model is most like the authentic necklace. On that model, the snake is more of a simple shape than the one on our latest model. Our latest model has a beautifully detailed snake that was designed by our in-house designer. If you’re wondering which model you’ll receive, you will likely receive the latest model (especially if ordering in gold). 

**The red velvet box is a deep shade of red. Silver rosaries will be presented in a sleek black velvet box


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Are your rosaries official merchandise?

No, our rosaries are fan-made replicas. We believe in protecting the authenticity and collectibility of all official merchandise. For more info visit our Replica Repository

Will it turn my skin green?

We have not received any reports of skin discoloration from customers who have worn our necklaces, as it's typically copper jewelry that causes skin discoloration. Our rosaries are designed and crafted using high-quality materials and manufacturing processes to minimize the risk of skin discoloration. However, individual skin sensitivities can vary.

Why is your rosary more expensive?

Our rosaries are priced higher than those of our competitors because we prioritize quality over quantity. Unlike the competitors that ship their necklaces in a plastic bag with a basic premade chain, our rosaries feature a custom-made rosary chain meticulously crafted by skilled artisans. We take pride in the quality of our product, which undergoes thorough quality control and attention to detail. Our rosaries also come with a red velvet jewelry box, just like Lana's original, to protect and display the product. We believe that the saying 'you get what you pay for' holds true, and we're confident that our customers will appreciate the craftsmanship and beauty of our rosaries.

Does it have a usable spoon?

Yes, our latest design features an extra large, easy-to-open spoon, holding at least 3x the amount of product

Is a jewelry box included?