Fighting Fraud | Product Authenticity

As the Original Replicators, we felt a huge responsibility to maintain the integrity of Lana Del Rey’s original vision while also differentiating our pieces enough as to not confuse fans in search of an authentic rosary or other replicas and to also protect fans from unknowingly buying a replica under the guise of an authentic. Protecting the integrity, collectibility, and value of authentic merchandise has always been our top priority when creating replicas. So please use this guide we have compiled to help determine the authenticity of any item in question. 

The easiest way to tell if you’re looking at one of Underdog Trading Co.’s replicas is by simply looking at the back side of the center connecting piece of the rosary. If you see the imprint of our hallmark number 58, you are looking at one of our replicas. While we are the Original Replicators, we are not the only replicators. Below we have identified other known replicas that have been available. 

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