The LDR Stargirl Tarot Deck

The LDR Stargirl Tarot Deck

Stargirl Tarot

The Stargirl Tarot project originally started out as an idea for just one card, The High Priestess. While, at the time, I thought that making an entire deck would be a cool idea, I didn’t feel that I was patient enough to create a complete 78 card deck.

After making the High Priestess card, I was really proud of how it turned out. Even if I didn’t make all 78 cards, I thought I had some other creative ideas that I thought were worth making.

The next card that I made was The Star. Since I made the High Priestess card to remain reasonably true to the original tarot-style and elements, I wanted to try carrying on with the traditional theme. So while I had other creative ideas on how to make the star card more related to LDR, I decided to forego them.

Once I had The Star card finished, I wanted to make a trio of The Star, The Moon, and The Sun. The Moon card was pretty easy to swap out the original elements with LDR-inspired elements. I put her side profile on the moon and put Tex and Mex out in the bay, howling at her.

The Sun card is another one where I wanted to break away from the authentic tarot-style and feature only the Sun as the main element. However, again, I decided to stick with the authentic style.

When looking at the original Magician card, it reminded me of the infamous Lana Del Rey photo that she tweeted out when she announced that she was putting a hex on Trump, so that’s what I based that card off of 

The Fool card usually represents new beginnings and being naïve or inexperienced. I thought that Lizzy would be perfect for this card. A pretty little fool with big dreams for the future making her way to the land of the palms. It would undoubtedly be a life-changing opportunity, but is it everything she ever wanted, or will life grab her by the ribbons in her hair?

My first goal is to finish the major arcana cards, but I only have a couple of other good ideas left for future cards, so I would love any feedback or suggestions on any of the cards already made or those yet to be designed! 

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Some ideas for future cards:

The Devil- I thought about making LDR as a cute devil or possibly making her mother as the Devil.

The Lovers- I was going to make this as LDR and her Ex, Barrie James (O’Neil). As I feel that they were true soul mates (and that they’ll be together again one day!)

The Chariot- Since LDR is pretty proud of her truck, I think that incorporating that would be a good idea.

Major Arcana Major Arcana Cards

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Hi, I couldn’t believe it when I came across somebody who is making and LDR inspired tarot. Your artwork is amazing. Very exciting. I understand you’re releasing the major arcana cards first. I was just wondering how far you are along with it?


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